The  hot seat over the Presidential GrandDaughter Isabelle Duterte's photo shoot in Malacañang Palace still an issue in social media...

The  hot seat over the Presidential GrandDaughter Isabelle Duterte's photo shoot in Malacañang Palace still an issue in social media, but her father Vice Mayor in Davao City Paolo Duterte started another with a Facebook post publicly scolding her on Friday.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte responded to tweets by his daughter Isabelle Duterte . He also added screenshots of the tweets on his Facebook timeline post.
“I won’t keep quiet after that person pimped you twice! And if your mom and stepdad don’t care about you, I’m not like them! Not because I’m a Duterte but because I am a father!!! Change your last name if you want to! You don’t know how to respect! You are a disgrace,” Vice Mayor Paolo posted mostly in Visayan dialect.

VM Paolo Duterte did not explain on what he meant by that “bugaw” line in his Facebook post.
“Go to school first so your brain won’t be empty. You no longer know how to listen because you’re supposedly popular? Popular on what Belle? Popular on disrespecting your father??! Just wait for my death so you will be free from me! Pray for it, woman," Vice Mayor Paolo added.

Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte  appeared to be aware of the consequences  of his Facebook post. He said making the issue public was the only way to make his daughter Isabelle listen to him.

“I know all of us will be humiliated because of this post. But this is what you want! Let’s talk here because you’re a supposed millennial. You only listen to your number of likes,” VM Paolo said.
“Well, I don’t care if I have a position or I will be humiliated, you are my daughter! I don’t care of other people if this is the only way you will learn from your actions,” the Vice Mayor continued.

He attached on his post two screenshots of her daughter Isabelle’s tweets. Her Twitter account is private.

Her first tweet was about a powerful Vice Mayor Duterte who beat up a child.
“Even if you have a position in the city, you can’t beat up a person! Even if you have power, you can’t hurt another person!!! You are hurting a human being!!! Not just human being, but a child!!! Even if you have a name, you can’t do things like that!!! Even if you’re a Duterte, that is not acceptable,” Isabelle said.

But in her next tweet, Isabelle Duterte mentioned the word 'dad.'
“My dad f— up my christmas every year. What a time to be alive,” she tweeted.
Before ending his post, Duterte told her daughter: “FIX YOUR F— LIFE FIRST before i will stop “f— up” your christmas every year.”

Vice Mayor Paolo's Post:

 “Nagkatawa ko sa iyang tweet oi!! Every year gyud unsa kaha iyang Christmas atong 1 year old siya ataya oi [Her tweet really makes me laugh!!! Really every year[?] I wonder what was her Christmas like when she was one year old.],” the Vice Mayor Paolo said.
He convinced the Yellowtards to join with the issue.
“Pasikatin ang gustong sumikat....magpakasawa kayo mga dilawan. Hahaha," VM Paolo said.
He said to his followers and supporters to like his post so he would win over his “millennial” daughter Isabelle.

The Post became viral in social media and here are some of the netizens reactions:

Mary Jean Aranzado SurigaoDon't stop being a good father and fix your daughter,bago maging huli ang lahat ,she approaching to a teenager life,the very hard stage for a growing person,kahit mahirap kahit maging masama kapang ama sa mata ng tao,you need to do to guide her,to a better future for you first daughter vice,,,,because at the end of the day she will be realized that you do it because she is your love once,and she will be thankful to you.....I salute you vice!!!a very transparent person!----------

Wewe EnriquezSir kabalo ko sa imong gibati karon, kita ginikanan dili man ta perfekto pero kabalo ta unsay maau sa atung anak...lisud karon panahona wa ta kabalo ug unsaon pgdala ang atung mga anak nga unta wala man cguroy ginikanan nga mgpasagad ug anak...mao na motoo jud ko nga environment is more powerful now a days...guide na lang ta sa atung mga anak naa ra na nila ug mo subay sila natu o dili....sakit na sa usa ka amahan nga anaon lang ug anak...ang lain ganing tawo ng respeto nimo pero imong anak wala...pero cgi lang moabut ang adlaw nga ma ok ra mo....ampo lang sir----------

Jerel Segura TonglasonSkita ani ui.Ako usa ka anak nga hasta badlungona. Sauna nga buhi pa ako papa,supak dri,supak ddto. Way kabutangan akong kagahig ulo. Ngaway mi nia tungod ky gipaglaban nko ang lalake nga in the end giloko ra diay ko,gitunglo pa nko ako papa.giingnan nko syag mamatay na xa ug buang. Nakuyapan xa kasuko sa akoa. Until niabot ang time nga mibiya na jd xa tungod sa iya skit. Wla ko sa iya tapad sa panahon nga ngkasakit xa hangtod sa gikuha na jd xa sa Ginoo. Niuli ko pro naa na xa sulod sa kabaong. Wla na kwenta akong hilak ug pangayog pasaylo sa iya ky dli na xa katubag ug kaistorya nko. Dli na nko xa magakos pa. 12yrs na sukad nawala ako papa.31 nako kron pro mghilak ghapon ko sa pgmahay ug kamingaw nia.mura ko everyday gisilotan tungod sa ako kamingaw nia. Sana kamo mga anak habang buhi pa inyo papa o ginikanan,paminawa intawn ninyo ug respetoa bago mo mgmahay prehas nako. -------

Yolanda ParungaoNo worries. Media exist to make money even if the issue is a cent worth. This family problem is their money making machine so let's eat it. The father, Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte - Official knows the taste of salt so let him do his fatherly job on FB. Who started this hullaballo anyway? It's his daughter. This Belle is digging her downfall fast. I believe in her father no matter how bitter his words are.---------

Ian YuI just ask my fellow supporter to help us fix this problem and pls pray for vice pulong and isabelle.. mahirap na po makakita nanaman ng butas ang kabilang kampo.... simpleng problema lng po ito ng mag ama.. thank you po. Reminds me of my Love Hate relationship with my father. BUT im one hell proud daughter of a tough dad!!! Go Vice! Don't give up on your daughter...all children will pass through their rebellious years though.----------

Lanie KiddDont worry vice my husband and his daughter had same problem before but as they will grow up and realize mangita na sya sa imo and you and her might have a good or better relationship. My stepdaughter has best relationship with her dad which is my husband now that she live separately from her mom. Merry christmas vice and your family.--------

Yu ChangOkey Lang yan vice! Ganyan mga kabataan ngayon! Duterte ka man o hinde , ganyan din ang nararanasan ngayon ng magulang dahil sa pesteng internet at sobrang kalayaan,dahil mahal mo nga kasi anak mo! Pero minsan kelangan na talaga ng kamay na bakal bago pa man mahuli ang lahat! I wish you the best sir! We know it's hard to be a father! But you can do it! Kapit Lang vice!--------

Francesca SambranoSir, if I may? I think she's undegoinf a phase. I can see where she's standing because I was almost the same when I was in my teens. I used to hate it when my parents scold me or something, but, if you continue raising her the right way, when she reflects and grows older, she will realize that parents do what they do because they love us. Just explain to her properly why you do it after every scolding. That's what my mother does. Because of her explaining the whys, I grew to understand her point of view. -------

Rica AlyssaWith all due respect sir, Respect is earned not given. Naniniwala ako na kelangan disiplinahin ng magulang ang mga anak. Pero minsan yung kailangan lang talaga ng mga anak is love and understanding. Yung tipong pag nagrerebelde yung bata, wag patulan. Instead, lets ask ourselves bakit nagrerebelde sila and lets try to fix things. Hindi lang naman yung bata yung problema. We as parents should admit the fact that we are not perfect no matter how much we try. One way or the other our children will hate us just like how we hated our parents back then. Its a cycle... I know somehow you regret posting this out of anger and frustration but it's not yet too late. Forgive her and ask for forgiveness as well. She's already 17 and she's not your little daughter anymore. She will soon be turning into a woman. I pray you gather all your fatherly love for her and leave your pride behind and go to her. Bring her some flowers and chocolates. Talk to her. Like a man who loves her daughter. Not just a father who wants to discipline a child.
Merry Christmas Duterte Family. --------

Anaoj B GuzmanThis post only shows that they are also human like us. They also experience family problems like the rest. They have kids who thinks they know everything. I tend to read posts like this and shrug it off. Thinking that iT's their personal problem, why join the hype. Pero this is a wake up call to all children nowadays, those called MILLENIALS -- THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK. You might not know that the one you hurt the most are the ones that love you the most. Most especially, RESPECT YOUR PARENTS. I have millenial kids of my own, and sometimes I have to discipline them with an iron fist. Sakit jud mangasaba ug anak, pero ang pinakasakit ang di respotohon ug anak. To VM, I know bashers will attack you and your family. Those against you and your family will be happy of this post because they will think that your family is not all that perfect and good and shows what kind of a father you are to your children. But this post of yours only shows that you are a father who only want to discipline a child. Its just sad that in this season of loving and giving, your child gives you pain. I personally do hope and pray that everything will be patched up. To Isabelle, you only have one father and that is pulong duterte. Duterte or not, vice mayor or not, famous or not, no matter what - SHOW SOME RESPECT!! I do not personally know your family or the root of your problem, but still, respect your parents. Makagaba baya ang di murespeto ug parents ay.-----

Juliet LamiingMahirap talaga magkaroon ng millenial na anak na papeymus😅 Naku Isabelle batang bata ka pa. You shouldn’t have started a war with your parent online. Now you’ll have a taste of your own medicine. That’s what happens when bring up your family’s dirty laundry in social media. May this serve as lesson for you to respect your parents no matter what. You wouldn’t be having that beautiful face of yours if it wasn’t for your father. Be glad he still finds time to discipline you. It means he loves you.--------

Reb Cres SobiacoBeen there, mahirap talaga mag palaki ng mga anak. You need to be tough, and stick to your rules. Naging Ina at tatay din Ako sa 2 daughters ko since my husband worked abroad then. Now they are adult and professional. They realized na tama naman daw ang paghihigpit ko sa kanila---------

Angie TardaguilaSa panahon ngayon ang mga bta kla nila alm n nila ang lhat.pero pgka mhja problima mgulang padin pahirapan.nila.msyado na kc mabait or over bearing parents din tyo minsan.na lalo nman tumitigas ulo nila gsto mgulang na ang mahtahod sa ila mga abilidad hayy.baye ka respect your parents.--------

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